Barry Trucking, Inc. is a Wisconsin company whose origins date to 1900. The company operates in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. We are a truck load contract carrier. The company provides distribution services to the customers of a major steel service warehouse, just in time service for an international can manufacturer, onsite delivery of prestressed concrete products and delivery of malt beverages to local distributors.

The company has its offices at 400 W Marquette Ave, Oak Creek, WI 53154. For additional information contact Linda Brzenk at 414-274-6150.

Employment Information. The company employs experienced van and flatbed drivers. For further information contact Linda Brzenk at 414-274-6150. Applicants must be aged 25 or older, with a clean driving record, possess a CDL, in compliance with all DOT regulations and capable of meeting the physical requirements of the position.


400 W Marquette Ave
Oak Creek, WI 53154

Ph: 414.274.6150

Linda Brzenk
John Heiden
Scott Bartlien